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No it is not. In 10.4 it is still slow and consumes a lot of memory in cquery.exe process compared to DelphiLSP.
I tested it in the latest beta build and C++ code completion is not good at all for developers productivity who does not want to use delphi or wanted to be forced to use delphi instead of c++. Compared to other c++ IDEs on the market like Qt Creator C++ Builder 10.4 code completion is the worst and there is no need for it to be in an external process if it makes the code editor takes all that time to show a list of properties and functions for TForm for instance which takes less than a second in delphi code completion. But as usual Empt will say that it is due to c++ lang fault but this is not true, as i said other IDEs don't have the same issue for code completion like C++ builder does. which is an essential feature that must exist in modern dev tools. I still use 10.1 Berlin UP2 as it is the latest stable version I had dealt with.

Giving Delphi the advantage over c++ builder is the worst thing that embarcadero does for the whole IDE in general they should focus more on c++ builder and make them equal as fast as they can because the majority on the internet use C++ lang over delphi. so if you want to promote to the IDE then it is better to promote to a lang that is already popular and show all the features from that lang then encourage users to use delphi as well a long side C++.

Delphi LSP code completion is awesome and makes wanna use delphi over c++ but that will make embarcadero lose the c++ builder users for ignoring c++ for the main features as well (linux, android 64, and ios, mac os). Qt  c++ supports these platforms without any problems with modern c++ standards C++11/14/17.

Maybe the issue is with delphi that it can't compete with the flexibility of c++, that's why embarcadero always having a hard time supporting something on both langs because they implement the feature in delphi not c++.

I think that embarcadero must rethink their strategies for c++ builder because I am one of those who might consider switching to another tool if they did not do something and fast. I like c++ builder I have been using it since 2006 but i am also very disappointed in embarcadero right now and what they have done to it just to make delphi look better and more faster. C++ builder has been facing major drawbacks since CodeGear and as i said the last good code completion i used wan in Borland c++ builder 5.
السلام عليكم
الانتقاد ينتقد LSP الخاص بالـ c++ builder و يمدح الخاص بالدلفي ...
و لرب نازلة يضيق لها الفتى ذرعا و عند الله منها المخرج
ضاقت فلما استحكمت حلقاتها فرجت و كنت اضنها لا تفرج
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التحسينات التي في LSP متأخرة بعض الشيء, أغلبها يوجد في اضافات Cnwizards منذ وقت طويل.
السلام عليكم موجودة في اضافات لكن ليس بنفس الطريقة في انتضار صدور النسخة للتجريب
و لرب نازلة يضيق لها الفتى ذرعا و عند الله منها المخرج
ضاقت فلما استحكمت حلقاتها فرجت و كنت اضنها لا تفرج
مقارنة بالفجوال ستوديو , embarcadero مضيعة وقت . لا اتحدث عن اللغة , اتحدث عن بيئة التطوير
New VCL TEdgeBrowser Component Coming RAD Studio 10.4
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:: من يملك المعلومة يملك الميدان :: 
لا أدري ما الغاية من عدم عمله إلا في ويندوس 10 والكثير مازال لم يستغني على الويندوز7
(27-05-2020, 01:02 PM)ALG2009 كتب : لا أدري ما الغاية من عدم عمله إلا في ويندوس 10 والكثير مازال لم يستغني على الويندوز7

للأسف يعتمد على موارد نظام ويندوس 10 ، بنسبة كبيرة
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(27-05-2020, 01:02 PM)ALG2009 كتب : عدم عمله إلا في ويندوس 10

يعمل على windows 8.1
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